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Foxit Advanced PDF Editor 3.10 RePack (2014)

11-01-2014, 01:50 | Раздел: Софт / Офис | Просмотров: 2 828
Foxit Advanced PDF Editor 3.10 RePack (2014)

Информация о Софте
Название: Foxit Advanced PDF Editor
Категория: Офисные, Документы
Разработчик: foxitsoftware.com
Год выпуска: 2014
Размер файла: 17.3 Mb

Foxit Advanced PDF Editor - быстро работающий PDF-редактор с практически всеми необходимыми функциями. Вы хотите распечатать PDF файл, и находите несколько опечаток? Вы получили PDF файл и хотите внести изменения до отправки? Вы хотите объединить несколько PDF файлов в один PDF документ? С помощью Foxit Advanced PDF Editor, вы с легкостью сможете решить вышеупомянутые проблемы. Foxit Advanced PDF Editor поможет вам изменить любую страницу в PDF документе. Вы можете выбирать, вставлять, изменять, удалять, вращать, копировать и вставлять текст, изображения и графику. Вы можете вставлять, импортировать, удалять страницы или изменять дизайн. После окончания редактирования, вы можете распечатать полученный PDF файл или сохранить его для записи поверх оригинального файла или создать новый файл.

Foxit Advanced PDF Editor with Paragraph Editing
Many times document authors need to do extensive editing directly to a PDF file. Whether you're editing paragraphs, font sizes, or more, the Foxit Advanced PDF Editor provides a word processor environment to editing PDF documents. When you need to change a single word, a paragraph, or the entire page, Advanced PDF Editor will reflow and reformat your text enabling you to create professional looking PDF documents. This is the ideal solution for PDF documents where you do not have the original source file.

Edit and Generate Professional Looking PDF Documents
Foxit Advanced PDF Editor provides high end features to generate professional looking PDF documents quickly and easily. Highlighted features include:

PDF Editor
Open, edit, and save PDF files. Change text, fonts, images and more.
Paragraph editing enables it to work like normal word processing software, automatically reflowing and reformatting text as you edit it. Advanced text fitting ensures your text content looks its best by providing complete control over auto-text-fitting, enabling you to specify which metrics get altered during the fitting process. It can even perform text fitting across columns and pages.
Link multiple text boxes together to reflow text across multiple text boxes.
Keep track of changes by inputting new text in a different color.
Grids, guides, and margins make editing layout simpler.
Renumber pages automatically.
OCR corrections let you correct text in PDFs that have been scanned from a printed document.
Straight-forward and easy-to-use redaction allows you to quickly select and redact any piece of text. The redaction is utterly secure, removing the original text from the document and placing a black mark over the area.
Industry-standard CMYK color picker ensures the colors you choose on the screen print accurately on paper
Group, hide, and lock graphics. It also provides the ability to edit and create clipping masks, plus a vertical ruler to allow easier object alignment together with grids, guides and page margins.
Add document headers and footers.
Redact text and images.
Built-in spell checker enables you to find errors quickly.
Quickly re-size page margins.

Search & Replace Across PDF documents
Search across multiple PDFs or entire directories full of PDFs. It will work through all documents, leaving original documents intact and keeping track of any errors or problems during processing.
PDF search and replace by font, color or size.
More advanced search criteria allow you to limit searches by the size, color or font used for text. Useful for changing text in headers/footers without disturbing similar content in the main body of a PDF.

PDF Creation
Create industry-standard compliant PDFs from over 200 of the most common office file formats. Since Foxit products are ISO 32000-1 / PDF 1.7 standard compliant, they are compatible with other PDF products, like those from Adobe®.

PDF Organization
Re-use your PDFs as components in new documents by simply placing them on the page. Resize, rotate and move as you would any other object.
Simply drag and drop any number of PDFs to merge them into a single document. You can also add headers, footers and page numbers across pages using the powerful 'Clone' facility.

Foxit Advanced PDF Editor Features & Benefits

Edit and modify PDF contents
Quickly edits PDF document content directly in a PDF file with powerful paragraph editing.
Link multiple text boxes together to reflow text across multiple text boxes.
Keep track of changes by inputting new text in a different color.
Edits the contents of your PDF document.
Join multiple PDFs into a single document.
Manipulate layers - show/hide/rename to make editing easier.
Grids, Guides & margins - to make editing layout simpler.
Drag and drop hundreds of photos to produce a PDF album.
Create article threads and export their contents to HTML, ePub, RTF etc.
Remap fonts to fix PDFs that could not otherwise be edited or exported.
Renumber pages automatically.
Clone objects across pages.
Built-in spell checker enables you to find errors quickly.
Quickly re-size page margins.

Let you permanently remove (redact) visible text and images from PDF documents to protect confidential information such as social security numbers.

Convert PDF to ePub, RTF, and HTML file formats
Easily shares content with other applications, preserving bookmarks and hyperlinks.

Create industry-standard compliant PDFs
Supports over 200 of the most common office file types.
Creates PDF files from right click menu.
Since Foxit products are ISO 32000-1 / PDF 1.7 standard compliant, they are compatible with other PDF products like those from Adobe®.
PDF/A support for long-term archiving.

Review PDF documents with Annotations/Comments
Adds your comments or suggestions including notes.
Highlights, underlines, or uses one of many other tools to indicate selected text.
Indicates the status of PDF document or hint the reviewer where to sign with Stamp.

Add Bookmarks
Enables users to find information fast with intelligent, automatic bookmark creation.

Add Header & Footer to PDF files
Inserts page numbers or dates as Headers and Footers directly without requiring other applications; helping you to add more information into the PDF files and navigating them with ease.

Add Watermarks to PDF files
Watermark can indicate the status of created PDF files, such as Draft or Confidential.

О файле:
Активация|рег код: встроено
Язык Интерфейса: Английский, русский
Формат файла: rar
Платформа/ОС: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8

Скачать программу Foxit Advanced PDF Editor 3.10 (17,16 МБ):

Скачать | Download | TurboBit

Скачать | Download | BornCash

Скачать | Download | LetitBit

Скачать | Download | Vip-File
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