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Siemens Solid Edge ST7 v107.00.00.104 Multilanguage (UpdateD 23.08.2014)

27-08-2014, 03:33 | Раздел: Софт / Графика | Просмотров: 3 779
Siemens Solid Edge ST7 v107.00.00.104 Multilanguage (UpdateD  23.08.2014)

Siemens Solid Edge ST7 v107.00.00.104 Multilanguage (Updated 23.08.2014)| 12.94 GB
(Include Standard Parts)

Solid Edge ST7 - the most full-featured hybrid 2D / 3D CAD system that uses synchronous technology to accelerate the process of designing and editing, as well as expanded support for re-use of imported geometry.

Solid Edge is a key component of the portfolio Velocity Series ™, and has excellent tools for modeling parts and assemblies, design drawings, transparent data management, built-in finite element analysis, which helps to cope with the growing complexity of future product
The new version of Solid Edge ST7 offers enhanced functionality based on synchronous technology, which greatly accelerates the process of product design, easy modification, importation and use of data created in different CAD systems. The latest version includes improvements in the finite element analysis, data management, design, as well as more thousands of changes to specific users.
Implementing the concept of synchronous technology company Siemens PLM Software has expanded the possibility of using synchronous technology throughout the system. Furthermore implemented in previous versions support for modeling components and sheet metal, the synchronous model can be applied directly to the assembly - for example, when designing pipelines, farms, wiring and other products. First introduced the associativity between synchronous parts, which allows the user to create and modify his plan before, during or at the end of the design process of the assembly.
Solid Edge ST7 provides the opportunity to work with both synchronous and conventional (ordered in the tree construction) design elements in a single integrated design environment. Users can use synchronous design elements to accelerate the process of designing and flexible editing models, and elements of the tree building - for design of cast parts and components, obtained by machining. Elements of the tree construction in the existing models can be selectively converted into synchronous, which gives the designer greater flexibility and ease of use of the system.
Since the number of enterprises making the transition from other 3D systems to Solid Edge and take advantage of synchronous technology is growing, there was the possibility of merging with the existing 2D drawings to 3D models - another way to improve performance. Technological dimensions in 2D drawings can now be automatically transferred to the relevant imported 3D model. Obtained as a result of "manufacturing» 3D dimensions can be directly edited and imported 3D model is changed simultaneously by synchronous technology.
Solid Edge ST7 has an application for finite element analysis, including new types of loads - torque and load in a cylindrical support user-defined constraints, as well as new ways of connecting parts in the assembly, such as bolted connections and joints for sheet metal edges. A tool to facilitate modeling allows you to quickly calculate the results, and advanced visualization tools - see the model from the inside. The model can be adjusted as with synchronous technology, and with the use of wood construction. Solid Edge provides the control models of parts and assemblies in the early stages of design, which reduces the time-to-market and cost of prototyping.
In Solid Edge ST7 - thousands of specific improvements to customers, which further increases the impact of this product at all stages of product design. New features have appeared in various modules, including the simulation of sheet metal, pipes and trusses, build management tools and drafting. Improvements in the design environment sheet metal includes new types of closure angles, element symbols etched details and a different geometry, as well as technological elements in the unfolding of sheet parts such as shipping ears. Solid Edge continues to raise the bar in the area of ??the drawings, in which you can now transfer all the technological dimensions and notations indicate parts in the assembly, and even provide details of different colors of lines in the drawing, by borrowing them from the 3D model. New "international" drawings allow you to use different character sets in different languages ??in a single drawing or a balloon. Simplified user interface includes a fully customizable radial menu, which reduces the number of mouse movements. Transparent dialogue management design elements and details, as well as dialogues teams reduced size provide the largest area of ??graphic workspace.

Updated 23 August 2014
Solid Edge ST7 DVD Chinese Simplified > not available yet..
Solid Edge ST7 DVD Chinese Traditional > not available yet..
Solid Edge ST7 DVD English > present
Solid Edge ST7 DVD Gernman > not available yet..
Solid Edge ST7 DVD French > present
Solid Edge ST7 DVD Italian > present
Solid Edge ST7 DVD Japanese > not available yet..
Solid Edge ST7 DVD Korean > not available yet..
Solid Edge ST7 DVD Russian > not available yet..
Solid Edge ST7 DVD Spanish > present

Year / Release Date: 2014
Version: ST7 build
Developer: Siemens PLM Software
Developer website >>>

Bit depth: 64bit
Language: Multilanguage
Medicine: Present (Team-SolidSQUAD)
System requirements: Windows XP is not supported!
Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate and Professional
Internet Explorer 8.0 and higher
At least 2 GB RAM
True Color (32-bit) or 16 million colors (24-bit)
Screen Resolution: 1280 x 1024 or higher, following the manufacturer's recommendations


Скачать | Download | LetitBit


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