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8 восхитительных подростков / Private Specials 234: 8 Lovely Teens (2018) WEB-DL

Автор: DVD-CD Вчера, 15:04 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
8 восхитительных подростков / Private Specials 234: 8 Lovely Teens (2018) WEB-DL

Не пропустите сцены, так как эти девочки будут сосать, трахаться, скакать на члене, глотать сперму, заставлять свои упругие тела работать. Симпатичные, сексуальные, возбужденные - это наши подростки в Private. Каждая из этих красоток уникальна и сексуальна по-своему. Они могут просто быть подростками, но у них есть такой незабываемый опыт - втроем и многое другое!

Cute, sexy, horny, that’s how our teens here at Private are and they’ve come to show off all these qualities in Private Specials, 8 Lovely Teens. We bring you Evelina Darling, Kate Rich, Emily Bender, Shelley Bliss, Kiara Night, the big natural tits of Eva & Clany, and silicon queen herself, Regina Sparks, every girl an incredible and irresistible talent, but each one of these teens is unique and sexy in their own way. Be sure not to miss a single scene as these girls suck, fuck, ride & swallow, putting their tight little bodies to work. They may just be teens but they have all the experience to show you a wild time, so come and see all these beautiful girls in action, with three unforgettable threesomes and much, much more, in Private Specials, 8 Lovely Teens.
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Ремесло Блудниц II: Гнев Члена Короля / Whorecraft II: Wrath Of The Dick King (2018) DVDRip

Автор: DVD-CD 21-10-2018, 22:11 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Ремесло Блудниц II: Гнев Члена Короля / Whorecraft II: Wrath Of The Dick King (2018) DVDRip

Превосходная пародия на Whorecraft (Ремесло Блудниц). Представьте, что вы трахаетесь с красивым эльфом в мире фэнтези, наполненном драконами, орками, порталами, замками. Такого порно Вы никогда раньше не видели!

Whorecraft is the ultimate Hardcore Adult cos play parody adventure. The most technically advanced footage created in porn today. Imagine having sex with a Beautiful Elf green-screened into a fantasy world filled with Orcs, Tigers, Dragons, Portals, Castles and more. You have never seen porn like this before!! This is a must-see!

Karlee Grey as Lady Sylvanus "The Defeat of Lady Sylvanus"
Amia Miley as Magistrix "The Trainer"
Natasha Nice as Shanara "Looking For More"
April Dawn as Caldryn "Fuck For The Cure"
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Киска Лучшее Лекарство 2 / Pussy Is The Best Medicine 2 (2018) WEB-DL

Автор: DVD-CD 20-10-2018, 12:13 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Киска Лучшее Лекарство 2 / Pussy Is The Best Medicine 2 (2018) WEB-DL

Nurse Riley will see you now, and while you wait for the doctor why not make a donation to the sperm bank? Nurse Riley can coax the biggest loads out of any man, with her sweet face, tight body and secret red lingerie. Hold on tight as she gets up close and personal!

Busy doctor Kiera Rose makes a visit to a rich businessman (Charles Dera) who is on his deathbed, whose gold-digging wife is primed to earn his wealth once he’s croaked. It’s up to Keira to dress up as a sexy doctor and speed up the process. But as Dr. Rose soon finds out, all Mr. Dera has is a case of the blue balls—in which Keira is more than happy to help him bust a nut!

Ramon may not be a real doctor but that doesn't mean he can't help Dillion Harper with her problem. Seems as though Dillion has trouble reaching orgasm and she can't figure out why. Ramon helps Dillion realize that all she really needs is a proper fucking, which Ramon then happily provides.

Nicole and Xander were engaging in some cheating fun when Xander's dick got stuck! They're a medical marvel to Dr. Lust, who has been assigned the task of removing Xander's hard cock from Nicole's super tight pussy. With a little lube and a lot of foreplay, Dr. Lust works her magic. How will the couple ever repay her?

Holly Michaels is one of the hottest nurses to ever step inside a hospital. All of her patients can’t help themselves but want to get a piece of her fine ass and gorgeous tits, but unfortunately for them this slut’s off-limits! Doctor Keiran Lee makes it his priority to intervene whenever this nurse’s pussy is being sought after by the hospital’s creepy clients. After all, they don’t call it doctor’s whore-ders for nothing!

Casey goes to see the doctor about a strange problem she’s having: her girlfriend says her ass tastes like cherry pie. The doctor has Casey describe to him in vivid detail exactly what her girlfriend does to her body. Still unsure how to diagnosis her problem, Dr. Corvus must taste her ass too!
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Киска Лучшее Лекарство / Pussy Is The Best Medicine (2018) DVDRip

Автор: DVD-CD 19-10-2018, 13:56 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Киска Лучшее Лекарство / Pussy Is The Best Medicine (2018) DVDRip

Going Once, Cumming Twice Dr. Lane is a hot doctor with unorthodox methods. Today she helps her patient Ramon work out his sprained jaw by having him eat her out. This turns her on so much that now he's gotta finish the job. Ramon follows the doctor's orders and fucks her good and hard.

Good Boy Dentist Ella Hughes has just finished working on her patient Danny, who also happens to be her ex. She wants his big dick back in her life, so she offers him a lollipop for being such a good boy. Danny thinks he can't be swayed by candy, but Dr. Ella's sweet treats are too good to pass up!

Hard Call Charles is couch bound after having taken a little blue pill. So he summons a doctor for a house call. Dr. Preston is stunned by the size of her patient's hard cock. She is firm with her patient: either she takes care of his throbbing erection or she takes him to the hospital. Dera lets the hot doctor work her magic.

Super Nurse Kagney is no ordinary nurse. Beneath her mild-mannered exterior she maintains a secret identity. She is Super Nurse, and she heals patients with sexual know-how and wet willing pussy. When a catatonic patient like Danny D arrives, Kagney knows just what to do to rouse his spirits.

Teas and Stimulate Michael is in for a routine check-up with Dr. Fawx. Everything is going smoothly until a playful nurse starts teasing him. Michael tries to keep his cool but with the hot nurse flashing him her tits and ass he soon gets a raging boner. That's nurse Marsha's cue to pounce! But what will happen when Dr. Fawx returns?
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Шлюшка Жена - Счастливая Жизнь 3 / Slutty Wife Happy Life 3 (2018) DVDRip

Автор: DVD-CD 16-10-2018, 20:51 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Шлюшка Жена - Счастливая Жизнь 3 / Slutty Wife Happy Life 3 (2018) DVDRip

Luckiest man on planet earth Johnny Sins cant keep his hands off his sexy new bride Kissa. Being neglected is not sitting well with Kendra and Peta, so they decide to teach the new girl a lesson. But when Johnny comes home to find his house in disarray and his wives aggressively fucking each other, he decides that whats needed is a little quality hump time with all three!

Rachel Starrs husband Daryl is a lazy shiftless bastard whod rather stay home from work than provide for his beautiful wife. When Daryls boss Toni Ribas shows up one day looking for him, Rachel decides to teach her husband a lesson by fucking Toni in the living room while Daryl listens helplessly around the corner.

Johnny Castle returns home from work and notices that the house is filthy and that his sexy wife, Monique Alexander, arrives in the living room ready to clean the house in the skimpiest lingerie she owns! Johnny then watches as the beautiful and busty Monique begins to clean the living room and the rest of the house before finally stepping in and giving his wife what shes been craving - some hot, rough sex for the dirty slut!

Alison Tyler is out of town and decides to send her husband some sexy selfies of her new lingerie. While taking those risque snaps, however, she forgets to hide the evidence that her lover, Charles Dera, is sharing the room with her! When Alisons husband calls to accuse her of cheating, the lovely nympho decides to suck and fuck Mr. Dera while cuckolding her significant other over the phone! Watch as her big titties bounce while she rides cock like no other slut!

On the night of the biggest football game of the year, a horny housewife (Jennifer White) is craving some cock. Shes even gone as far as bodypainting herself with her favorite teams jersey all over her big tits! Unfortunately for Jennifer, her husband is not in the mood and doesnt want to miss a second of the game. Dripping wet and wanting to be fucked, Ms. White has a surprise visitor show up at her door - four time all-star football player Bill Bailey! Will Bill be able to go deep enough to satisfy Jennifer? Be sure not to miss this sexy Superbang Party!
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Шлюшка Жена - Счастливая Жизнь 2 / Slutty Wife Happy Life 2 (2017) DVDRip

Автор: DVD-CD 15-10-2018, 15:35 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Шлюшка Жена - Счастливая Жизнь 2 / Slutty Wife Happy Life 2 (2017) DVDRip

The most intense threesomes and orgies!

Our Son's Girlfriend
Kendra and Keiran aren't sure Adriana is good enough to date their son. To find out for sure Kendra gets Adriana alone in her bedroom and examines her body. Soon Keiran joins them and slides his cock into Adriana's tight wet pussy while Adriana eats out Kendra.

Trophy Wife Teases The Pool Boy
August Ames is a hot, rich housewife who loves to tan, shot and go to lunch. Her husband doesn't realize she has her eye on the pool boy, Bill. She decided to take her teasing to the next level by having Bill oil up her tight body and massage her ass. She rewards him with a sloppy blowjob and a tight, wet fuck.

My Cop Sucking Wife
Riley Reid's husband denied her the chance to spice up their sex life with roadhead while he drove them around. When Officer Sins pulled them over for driving erratically, he fled the scene. Later, Officer Sins surprised them at home. Riley was ready for a big-dicked stallion to show her how a real man fucks good pussy.

This Was Your Idea
Rachel's husband Jason has convinced his reluctant wife to take part in a wife swap with Mick Blue and his wife. However when Mick shows up without his wife, Rachel insists on following through, making her helpless husband watch her get fucked.

Wife Showers With The Babysitter
Ava has been fucking the babysitter behind her husband's back. When Ava's husband Jessy comes home early from work, Ava quickly hides August in the bathroom while she takes care of her man! Jessy walks in on his wife showering with the babysitter, but instead of getting mad he gets his dick wet.
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Шлюшка Жена - Счастливая Жизнь / Slutty Wife Happy Life (2015) DVDRip

Автор: DVD-CD 14-10-2018, 22:02 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Шлюшка Жена - Счастливая Жизнь / Slutty Wife Happy Life (2015) DVDRip

The most intense threesomes and orgies!

Dreamy MILF Threesome
When Devon's sexy friend Nikki comes over in tears in the middle of the night, Devon wants to do everything she can to make her best friend feel better... Even if it means sharing her husband Keiran's nice fat cock!

The Secret Soiree: Six-Man Gangbang
Veronica Avluv and her husband have arranged to enjoy her ultimate fantasy tonight: Five well-hung dudes are booked to show up at her mansion and help bang the sweet fuck out of all her holes. She's brought along her slutty little assistant Bonnie Rotten, to help her push beyond the limits.

Naughty Nurse, Horny Housewife
Cherie Deville and her husband James love hiring naughty nurses for them to seduce and share. Nurse Dani Daniels starts with a nice handjob to ease her patient, but seeing Cherie and her husband go at it while she strokes that dick makes her so horny she has to dive in and join them!

Cheater Cheater Pussy Eater
When Ava Addams and her best friend Missy Martinez drove out to investigate on her husband's mysterious addresses. All they found out there was a country home for swingers, and a man with the power to give her all the erotic stimulation she'd been missing in her marriage.

Little Runaway
Riley ran away from home and has no other choice but to sneak around if she wants to eat. She gets caught red-handed munching on Brandi Love's strawberries. What a happy surprise that MILF Brandi and her husband are swingers, and all they want is to welcome Riley into their horny home.
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Сиськи из Хаззарда / The Boobs of Hazzard (2005) DVDRip

Автор: DVD-CD 14-10-2018, 10:41 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Сиськи из Хаззарда / The Boobs of Hazzard (2005) DVDRip

Hazzard County will never be the same again! At least not after our girls get done tearing through it. This super-charged, high-octane sex romp features some mighty hot girls! Lexxy Tyler, Mackenzie Mack, Malibu and hot newcummers Amy Reid and Carli Banks burn up the screen! It's time to get down and get 'er dun, Danni style!
Подробнее Комментарии (0) Просмотры: 1455

Сиськомания: Невероятные / Titmania: The Incredibles (2010) DVDRip

Автор: DVD-CD 14-10-2018, 09:33 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Сиськомания: Невероятные / Titmania: The Incredibles (2010) DVDRip

You won't believe the size of the hooters you'll find in this film. Killer tits and horny chicks will guarantee a great night for all men! These sluts know how to get a man turned on with their incredible boobs!
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Знаменитости делают минет (Video XXX)

Автор: DVD-CD 12-10-2018, 21:34 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Знаменитости делают минет (Video XXX)

Подборка минетов со знаменитостями, где они снимают собственное домашнее порно видео отсасывая член парням, мужьям. Вот только так сложилось, что их любительское видео попало в интернет и стало достопримечательностью для всех нас. Лучшая видео подборка минетов от известных дам!
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Сводная сестра дала письку (Video XXX)

Автор: DVD-CD 12-10-2018, 20:33 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Сводная сестра дала письку (Video XXX)

Молодая похотливая девчонка болтала по телефону с подружкой и случайно увидела как через щелочку в её двери подглядывает стеснительный сводный брат, надеясь подсмотреть как она переодевается. Сводной сестре надоели все эти подглядывания и она решила просто взять и показать ему голое женское тело, чтобы он наконец успокоился.
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Private Specials 230: Russian Private Castings (2018) WEB-DL

Автор: DVD-CD 9-10-2018, 22:06 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Private Specials 230: Russian Private Castings (2018) WEB-DL

Все разговоры о сексе подогревают потрясающих девушек - Риа, Клэни, Мишель Карр, Эмили Бендер и Энн Райс - и они готовы участвовать в таких диких сценах... Пять памятных сцен с красотками, которые раскрывают в них свои сексуальные желания, фантазии и переживания.

Are you ready to get even more intimate and personal with some of our most gorgeous Private stars? Well Private Specials, Russian Private Castings brings you five memorable scenes with our stunning girls, Clany, Michelle Carr, Ria, Emily Bender and Ann Rice, discover their sexual desires, fantasies, experiences, and much more as they reveal it all. We get an exclusive casting interview with each girl and all that sex talk warms them up for the real thing as the girls jump into the action with some wild scenes, with Ria, Ann Rice and Emily Bender even treating us to some great anal action! So if you want to discover the true wild nature of these beauties you’ve come to the right place, right here, in Private Specials, Russian Private Castings.
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Моя маленькая школьница 3 / My Little Schoolgirl 3 (2017) FullHD

Автор: DVD-CD 7-10-2018, 10:58 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Моя маленькая школьница 3 / My Little Schoolgirl 3 (2017) FullHD

Лили Джордан – с помощью шантажа, учитель заставил ее заниматься с ним сексом. Оливия Луа – школьный уборщик трахает молодую киску в раздевалке. Макенна Блу – теперь понятно, какой помощи она ждала от школьного психолога. Женева Кинг – оделась, как своя мама и трахнула учителя.

Four scenes of XXX schoolgirl sluts in action! Watch these sluts get you off!
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Моя маленькая школьница 2 / My Little Schoolgirl 2 (2017) FullHD

Автор: DVD-CD 6-10-2018, 11:49 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Моя маленькая школьница 2 / My Little Schoolgirl 2 (2017) FullHD

Эмма Хикс и Одри Роял – обе хотят быть президентами класса и голос учителя в этом вопросе решающий. Обе девушки предлагают ему свои рты и киски, чтобы склонить на свою сторону. Аллора Эшлин – подслушивает двух учителей, говорящих о том, сколько девушек они трахнули за учебный год и предлагает им трахнуть себя, иначе она все расскажет директору. Долли Лей – не сдала зачет по музыке и чтобы сохранить свое место в классе, дала учителю себя трахнуть. Дженна Рид – провела неудачный эксперимент по химии и теперь ей придется поработать своей киской, чтобы заработать нужные баллы. Мерседес Каррера – сексуальная учительница, которую хотят трахнуть все студенты и одному из них это удается.

Emma Hix and Audrey Royal want to be class president and Mr. Rich is the deciding vote. Both girls take a crack at swaying Mr. Rich's decision in their favor, by offering up their mouths and pussies. First girl to make him cum, wins!
Allora Ashlyn overhears two teachers talking about how many girls they've screwed over the past grading period. Allora tells them they have to double team her or she'll rat them out to the principal. How could they possibly refuse such an offer?
Dolly Leigh has been failing music and approaches her teacher about how to save her grade. He tells her if she can play one instrument, she'll pass the class. Turns out the only instrument she can play is the skin flute, and she's pretty damn good too!
Jenna Reid causes a chemistry explosion and gets dangerous chemicals all over her clothes. Her teacher instructs her to remove her clothes and tells her there's only one way to get the extra credit she needs. Jenna doesn't need to be told twice.
Mercedes Carrera is the sexy teacher all the students want to bang. When she catches Brad taking inappropriate pictures of her she tells him if he wants to see her pussy, all he needs to do is ask. Now Brad wants to stay after class every day!
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Моя маленькая школьница / My Little Schoolgirl (2016) FullHD

Автор: DVD-CD 5-10-2018, 16:35 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Моя маленькая школьница / My Little Schoolgirl (2016) FullHD

Эти молоденькие потаскушки стремятся получить максимальную отдачу от посещения школы. Выполнение домашних заданий это так скучно, а если отсосать у учителя или трахнуться с ним, то не придется париться из-за учебы. Так что с сегодняшнего дня их главное задание – сосать член, трахаться и получать порцию спермы на лицо.
Подробнее Комментарии (0) Просмотры: 2049

Private Gold 230: Erasmus Orgasmus 2 (2018) DVDRip

Автор: DVD-CD 2-10-2018, 21:55 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Private Gold 230: Erasmus Orgasmus 2 (2018) DVDRip

Эразм мечтает заняться обучением Селваджии, которая приехала к нему в Барселону. Только, единственное, что она будет изучать, - это бешенный и сексуальный образ жизни учеников. В течение нескольких минут после прибытия Селваджия узнает, насколько велики сексуальные аппетиты ее новых соседей по комнате. Они покажут ей, как на самом деле проходит студенческая жизнь. Эти девушки не пропускают ни одной вечеринки, где втроем, оргии и, конечно же, фантастический анальный секс. Селваджия никогда не забудет своего пребывания в Барселоне...

Selvaggia has travelled to Barcelona for her Erasmus, an aspiring academic she intends to seriously learn and study, but the only thing she will be learning is the wild and horny lifestyle of our students in Private Gold, Erasmus Orgasmus 2. Within minutes of arriving Selvaggia will discover just how large the sexual appetites of her new roommates are. Francesca di Caprio, Rachel Adjani, Gina Gerson, alongside Private debutants Alice Fibre and Scarlet BCN will show her what the student life is really all about, fucking. These girls take any and every opportunity to party, with threesomes, orgies, and of course some fantastic anal action, Selvaggia won’t ever forget her stay in Barcelona…
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Соседи по комнате / Roommates (2009) DVDRip (с русским переводом)

Автор: DVD-CD 29-09-2018, 21:42 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Соседи по комнате / Roommates (2009) DVDRip (с русским переводом)

Нелегка соседская жизнь. Приходится переспать со всей округой что бы завоевать авторитет среди подружек, потому что подружки очень развратные и похотливые.

Jack (Brad Armstrong) decides too save money and look for a roommate, after his girlfriend (Asa Akira) walks out on him. He's less than impressed by the selection of applicants, that is, until Ally (Kirsten Price) shows up at the door. Ally is stunning, and his friends can't talk Jack into moving her in quick enough... That's when the fun begins.... For everyone but Jack that is. He has a self-imposed "No Sex With Roommates" policy, but Ally's making it very difficult to sick to. In the end, after she's had sex with half the neighborhood (Rhyse Richards, Randy Spears, TJ Cummings, and Kris Slater) Jack can't take it any more, and gives in. But by now, the quirky roomies have actually fallen in love with each other...
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Клуб Хищных Жен / Cabana Cougar Club (2014) DVDRip (с русским переводом)

Автор: DVD-CD 28-09-2018, 21:25 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Клуб Хищных Жен / Cabana Cougar Club (2014) DVDRip (с русским переводом)

Когда у тебя в окружении множество молоденьких студентов, прислуживающих в отеле, наполненном прекрасными хищницами, тогда определённо будет жарко! Значит будь готов к незабываемому лету с изобилием секса, солнца и пляжа. Наноси лосьон на свою кожу и готовься к отпуску твоей мечты в Клубе Хищных Жён!

When you have a bunch of YOUNG STUDS in a hotel full of GORGEOUS COUGARS it's sure to get HOT. So get ready for a summer to remember, as Wicked Pictures and director Brad Armstrong take you on an erotic getaway, filled with sex, sun and six packs. Lather on your lotion and get ready for a dream vacation at the CABANA COUGAR CLUB!
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За закрытыми дверями / Behind Closed Doors (2018) WEB-DL

Автор: DVD-CD 24-09-2018, 16:24 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
За закрытыми дверями / Behind Closed Doors (2018) WEB-DL

За закрытыми дверями пять разных уникальных и невероятных встреч: неверные партнеры, ролевые игры, мастурбация, втроем. И что бы ни случилось, все может быть разрешено сексом. Все пары сталкиваются со своими проблемами, которые могут трансформироваться в экстаз. Вы не захотите пропустить ни одну сцену с любой из этих прекрасных звезд. Итак, смотрите, что действительно происходит за закрытыми дверями.

All couples encounter their problems, hidden away they can fester and grow, but exposed and revealed, they can transform into ecstasy. In Behind Closed Doors we sit in on two writers looking to sell their spicy and wild sexual stories to the publisher. Experience five different unique and incredible encounters starring Lara Duro, Ella Hughes, Lucy Heart, Gina Gerson & Daniella Margot. Unfaithful partners, role play, masturbation, threesomes, whatever the issue, everything can be resolved with sex, and you won’t want to miss a single scene with any of these beautiful stars. So gear up and come see what truly happens in Behind Closed Doors.
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Подростки по соседству / Private Specials 225: Teens Next Door (2018) WEB-DL

Автор: DVD-CD 21-09-2018, 22:22 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Подростки по соседству / Private Specials 225: Teens Next Door (2018) WEB-DL

Больше не фантазируйте, поскольку эти красивые девушки по соседству приглашают вас посмотреть на реальные вещи, и вы можете увидеть всех этих потрясающих подростков в действии. Подростки по соседству могут казаться молодыми и неопытными, но эти голодные до секса подростки сосут и трахаются, как профи!

The beautiful girl next door, do you ever wonder about them? Well Private knows exactly what they’re like, there’s always a wild side behind that pretty face and in Private Specials, Teens Next Door you’ll get to see it all! We are joined once again by the gorgeous Evelina Darling and Emily Bender, as well as Kiara Night, Ann Rice, and the silicone queen herself Regina Sparks, who all make their debuts here at Private. They may seem young and inexperienced but these hungry teens suck and fuck like pros, because they are! Fantasize no more as these girls next door invite you over to see the real thing, and you can see all these stunning teens in action, in Private Specials, Teens Next Door.
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