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Голые Школьницы в Передниках / Naked Apron Uniform School Girls (2010) DVDRip

Автор: DVD-CD 17-12-2018, 00:32 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Голые Школьницы в Передниках / Naked Apron Uniform School Girls (2010) DVDRip

Naked Apron Uniform School Girls - Наслаждаемся японская голая школа из старой-доброй юношеской фантазии. Красивые японские девушки ходят в старшей школе практически в чем мать родила. Как следствие очень приятно проводят занятия на уроках.
  • 85
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Киска Лучшее Лекарство 2 / Pussy Is The Best Medicine 2 (2018) WEB-DL

Автор: DVD-CD 20-10-2018, 12:13 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Киска Лучшее Лекарство 2 / Pussy Is The Best Medicine 2 (2018) WEB-DL

Nurse Riley will see you now, and while you wait for the doctor why not make a donation to the sperm bank? Nurse Riley can coax the biggest loads out of any man, with her sweet face, tight body and secret red lingerie. Hold on tight as she gets up close and personal!

Busy doctor Kiera Rose makes a visit to a rich businessman (Charles Dera) who is on his deathbed, whose gold-digging wife is primed to earn his wealth once he’s croaked. It’s up to Keira to dress up as a sexy doctor and speed up the process. But as Dr. Rose soon finds out, all Mr. Dera has is a case of the blue balls—in which Keira is more than happy to help him bust a nut!

Ramon may not be a real doctor but that doesn't mean he can't help Dillion Harper with her problem. Seems as though Dillion has trouble reaching orgasm and she can't figure out why. Ramon helps Dillion realize that all she really needs is a proper fucking, which Ramon then happily provides.

Nicole and Xander were engaging in some cheating fun when Xander's dick got stuck! They're a medical marvel to Dr. Lust, who has been assigned the task of removing Xander's hard cock from Nicole's super tight pussy. With a little lube and a lot of foreplay, Dr. Lust works her magic. How will the couple ever repay her?

Holly Michaels is one of the hottest nurses to ever step inside a hospital. All of her patients can’t help themselves but want to get a piece of her fine ass and gorgeous tits, but unfortunately for them this slut’s off-limits! Doctor Keiran Lee makes it his priority to intervene whenever this nurse’s pussy is being sought after by the hospital’s creepy clients. After all, they don’t call it doctor’s whore-ders for nothing!

Casey goes to see the doctor about a strange problem she’s having: her girlfriend says her ass tastes like cherry pie. The doctor has Casey describe to him in vivid detail exactly what her girlfriend does to her body. Still unsure how to diagnosis her problem, Dr. Corvus must taste her ass too!
  • 85
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Киска Лучшее Лекарство / Pussy Is The Best Medicine (2018) DVDRip

Автор: DVD-CD 19-10-2018, 13:56 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Киска Лучшее Лекарство / Pussy Is The Best Medicine (2018) DVDRip

Going Once, Cumming Twice Dr. Lane is a hot doctor with unorthodox methods. Today she helps her patient Ramon work out his sprained jaw by having him eat her out. This turns her on so much that now he's gotta finish the job. Ramon follows the doctor's orders and fucks her good and hard.

Good Boy Dentist Ella Hughes has just finished working on her patient Danny, who also happens to be her ex. She wants his big dick back in her life, so she offers him a lollipop for being such a good boy. Danny thinks he can't be swayed by candy, but Dr. Ella's sweet treats are too good to pass up!

Hard Call Charles is couch bound after having taken a little blue pill. So he summons a doctor for a house call. Dr. Preston is stunned by the size of her patient's hard cock. She is firm with her patient: either she takes care of his throbbing erection or she takes him to the hospital. Dera lets the hot doctor work her magic.

Super Nurse Kagney is no ordinary nurse. Beneath her mild-mannered exterior she maintains a secret identity. She is Super Nurse, and she heals patients with sexual know-how and wet willing pussy. When a catatonic patient like Danny D arrives, Kagney knows just what to do to rouse his spirits.

Teas and Stimulate Michael is in for a routine check-up with Dr. Fawx. Everything is going smoothly until a playful nurse starts teasing him. Michael tries to keep his cool but with the hot nurse flashing him her tits and ass he soon gets a raging boner. That's nurse Marsha's cue to pounce! But what will happen when Dr. Fawx returns?
  • 85
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Невеста хочет в последний раз другого мужика (Video XXX)

Автор: DVD-CD 25-08-2018, 13:56 Раздел: Видео » Эротика
Невеста хочет в последний раз другого мужика (Video XXX)

Невеста с ужасом осознав что после свадьбы она до конца жизни будет заниматься сексом лишь с одним мужиком, решила пока еще не обвенчалась с мужем по быстрому в последний раз заняться сексом с другим мужиком, для этого она выбрала первого встречного.
  • 85
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